Key: The numbers  relate to the corresponding chakra for that stone.

    [1] = Root Chakra [2] = Navel Chakra [3] = Solar Plexus Chakra [4] = Heart Chakra [5] = Throat Chakra [6] = Third Eye Chakra [7] = Crown Chakra [0] = Can Be Applied To Any Chakra [X] =Depends Upon Color Of The Stone

 Aegrine - self-quest, revitalizes the mind, increases the healing energy of other stones. [1]

African Mystic Spirit Quartz - cleansing, accelerates spiritual growth, focuses healing energy. [X]

Agate - discerns the truth, accepts circumstances, powerful emotional healer. [X] 

Alexandrite - enhances the rebirth of inner and outer self, promotes awareness. [7]

Amazonite - aligns astral bodies, unity with life, enhances creative expression. [5]

Amber- calming for hyperactivity and stressed nerves, finds humor and joy. [2]

Amethyst - encourages inner peace, fights addictive behavior, transforms energy. [6,7]

Ametrine - dispels negativity, aids decision making, meditation, relieves stress. [3,6,7]

Ammonite - protective, aids in the birthing process, provides relaxation [1]

Apophyllite - loving attunement to body and spirit, stimulates intuition. [7]

Aquamarine - banishes fears, calms nerves, imparts strength and control. [5]

Aragonite - calms & centers, allows for insight, aids self discipline if directed [1,2,3,4]

Blue Lace Agate - expands consciousness, soothing, wise, public speaking. [5]

Bloodstone - prevents high blood pressure, cleanser of body, aids decision making. [1]

Boji Stone - sense of joy, highly energetic, draws out pain. [2]

Brazilianite - promotes trust in self, refreshes memories of pre-physical existence, gently clears blockages. [0]

Bustamite - stimulates awareness in dreamwork, a harmonious stabilizer [4]

Calcite - aids memory, good for arts and sciences, balances mental and emotional. [X]

Candle Quartz -aids in accessing ancient knowledge and putting it to use. [0]

Carnelian - releases sorrow, envy, fear, apathy, and rage. [2]

Celestite - clears speech, personal expression, highly spiritual. [5]

Chalcedony - expression of emotional needs, honesty, alleviates regret. [2]

Chiastolite - transmutes dissension into harmony, balances perspectives [2]

Charoite - accelerates spiritual growth, enhances self-esteem, and ability to love. [6]

Citrine - cleans auras, detoxifies the body, aids tissue regeneration. [2]

Copper - soothes arthritis, releases restrictions, stimulates initiative and optimism. [0]

Coral - protection from evil, increases imagination, resolves conflicts. [X]

Danburite - stimulates intellect, enhances psychic ability and self-assuredness. [7]

Dendritic Opal - promotes growth spiritually and physically, aligns physical and etheric bodies. [X]

Diamond - Stongest stone of all ,brings forth purity, harmony, and love, also brings abundance. [7]

Emerald - secures love, attracts wealth, profitable dreaming. [4]

Epidote - enhances that to which you attune it. [4]

Fossil - aids past life exploration, protection from spells. [0]

Garnet- increases health, fidelity, imagination, and balances energy flow. [1,4]

Gold - purifying, healing, balancing, attracts honors, masculine energy. [3]

Jade - reduces eyestrain and negativity, promotes longevity, dreams. [4]

Jasper - powerful physical healer, protects against negativity. [X]

Obsidian - eliminates gullibility, offers detachment, very protective. [1]

Onyx -reveals truth, enhances psychic ability , relieves stress and grief, strengthand morality. [1]

Opal - recalls past lives, aids inner beauty, faithfulness, and eyesight. [7] 

Peridot - opens new doors, removes stress, fear, guilt, activates personal growth. [4]

Quartz - programmable stone, breaks bad habits, headaches, channeling stone. [0]

Rhodizite - "the master crystal", unlocks blockages, activates chakras, truly positive stone. [0]

Rhodochrosite - strengthens mental power, finds new love. [4]

Rhodonite - energy in trauma, assuredness, helps one achieve the greatest potential. [4]

Rose Quartz - reduces weight, wrinkles; increases self-assuredness, love stone. [4]

Ruby- mental balance, improves circulation, protects sensitive natures. [4] 

Sapphire - goal motivator, strengthens loyalty, highly evolved spiritual stone. [6,7]

Sceptre Quartz - Atlantian/Lemurian symbol of power, focuses energy within heart. [0]

Selenite - flexibility, decision-making, clarity, strengthens spinal column. [7]

Seraphinite- cleanses aura & chakras,helps contact Angels. energy of cooperation. [4,7]

Silver - energy conductor, eases stress and improves speech, feminine energy. [0]

Smokey Quartz - relieves depression, tension, balances sexual energies. [1]

Sodalite - prophetic dreaming, endocrine system, eliminates confusion. [6]

Sphaerocobaltite - most loving stone, deeply relaxing and balancing. [4]

Staurolite - tears of fairies, good luck, helps transition, makes oneself at ease. [1]

Strawberry Quartz - recalls past lives. eases tension in a relationship. [4]

Tiger Eye - psychic protector, great for business, helps achieve clarity. [X]

Tiger Iron - enhances creativity through meditation, good for motivation on all levels [1,2,3]

Topaz - tissue regeneration, kidneys and bladder, enhances understanding. [X]

Tourmaline - relieves fatigue, anemia, increases success and love. [X]

Turquoise - friendship, mental relaxation, respiratory system. [5]

Turritella - eases domestic relations and group interaction. [1]

Unakite - enhances sense of personal power, converts the negative into the positive. [4]

Vesuvianite - creative/intuitive aid, helps fight depression, fear, negativity, avoid danger. [X]

Victorite - peacefulness, awareness of higher energies, emotional release, clarity of speech. [5]

Zincite - removal of energy blockage, cathartic, brings together those of a similar mind. [2,3]

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