Readings & Services

All readings provide clarity which opens the doorway towards newer, better and greater choices, giving you more empowerment then ever before. All readings allow you to take control of your own destiny.

Giving you true and never failing advice.

Past, Present,& Future.Based on your self, and personality.Done by examining the features of your palm to predict your destiny.
Full Life
Tells Past, Present or Future.Foresees what ever is importaintin your life at the moment. Done with cards and psychic energy
Past, Present & Future.Based on you and the people around you.
Reads the sensative colors around you, thatmake up your aura.
Present & Future.All energy is read from the crystal to forsee your destiny.
Reads all 7 major chakra centers. Checks balancing betweenchakra. Feels unalignments & impurities. Done by using a hign energy chakra wand. Can predict your future if chakra were to stay at the level they are.
Tarot & Crystal
Past, Present, & Future.Cards are laid out, and read.As well as the energy from the crystal.
Crystal Ball
A black onyx crystal ball is used, that has been handeddown for generations to predict your destiny. Foresees all paths of your future. Good or bad.Can see yourpast life.
Based on love, throughout your past, present, & future.Cards &/or Psychic energy is used.
Chakra Balancing
For infor on this service please call.
Tells past, present or future.Reading is done by feeling the sensitive energy that surrounds you
Aura Cleansing
For info on this service please call.

Spiritual Work:

Love, Money, Job, Health, Strengthen Love, Reunite Lovers, and Attract Soulmates
For more information or price please call us.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased for any reading or service listed.
Please call for more info. 614-432-8131


E~Mail Readings

For E~mail readings please send an E~Mail or Call me with your full name, date of birth, questions/ concers, and personal details.Then click the pay now link to your left, And you will be on your way to the best spiritual guidance you will ever have. All readings are over 98% accurate and are done just for you. E mail is checked mon-fri. at 12pm and 6 pm   .

 All readings are private and confidential.

Discounts are ava. for groups of 5 or more.

Walk-ins are welcome, with an additional $5.00 charge.

appointments can be made anywhere from 6 weeks to 30 mins in advance. Missed appointemnts with out at least 1 hour call ahead cancelation will result in $10.00 fee added to your next visit.




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